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Botox Secrets : Crow’s Feet Injections Done Right!

woman soft smiling with a hand in her hair

I’ve got an interesting post for you today on how I get the best Botox treatment results in crow’s feet, without looking unnatural. It is a common issue I see with a lot of people who’ve had Botox. And maybe you’ve experienced it too. Often, I walk down the street and notice people who have had Botox […]

Jeuveau, Dysport, or BOTOX® Treatment for Wrinkles

woman getting fillers

It seems to happen suddenly, one day you feel good about your skin and the next, you see the dreaded “signs of aging” and you tell yourself… “Oh no, I need a Botox treatment“. Those fine lines around the eyes, mouth and / or forehead just won’t smooth out any more. Unfortunately, even if you take […]