Tattoo Removal

Aesthetic Lab

Aesthetic Medical Spa located in Modesto, CA & Turlock, CA

Remove unwanted tattoos using only the heat from laser light. At Aesthetic Lab in Modesto and Turlock, California, Nandeesh Veerappa, MD, and Gifty Aidoo, FNP-C, perform tattoo removal using state-of-the-art equipment and aftercare processes. Schedule your treatment consultation by phone or book online at Aesthetic Lab today.

PicoWay® Resolve
Discover a laser treatment that transforms your skin from the inside out. PicoWay® Resolve is an FDA-cleared picosecond laser treatment that helps reveal the real you!

The PicoWay® Resolve laser is a treatment on the PicoWay® laser system using a laser handpiece that splits a laser beam into tiny microbeams. This allows the treatment of conditions like acne scars, wrinkles, and dark spots. The PicoWay® Resolve laser creates tiny open spaces, called vacuoles, under the skin where new collagen and elastin are built and can transform the skin over time.

Fast and fewer treatments
PicoWay® laser treatments are typically brief (15-20 minutes) and done over a series of treatment sessions spaced weeks apart.

Low to no downtime
PicoWay laser’s bold yet gentle treatment offers a low-downtime approach to skin rejuvenation for patients with light or darker skin types.

Ask your aesthetic specialist about the PicoWay® Resolve treatment today!

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