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Weight Loss Management Specialist

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Every year, about 50% of adults in the United States try to lose weight. Though there are many weight loss programs to choose from, not everyone can lose weight and keep it off following a commercial diet. At Aesthetic Lab in Modesto and Turlock, California, Gifty Aidoo, FNP-C, offers medical weight loss management to help those struggling to drop unwanted pounds and keep them off. Call the office or schedule your weight loss management consultation online today.

Weight Loss Management Q & A

What is Weight Loss Management?

Weight loss management is one of the wellness services available at Aesthetic Lab. The medical spa takes a holistic approach to health and wellness. The specialists provide medical weight loss management to help you safely lose weight and keep it off.

Despite what you may see when you scroll through your social media feed, weight loss is hard. Eating less and moving more may not be enough to help you reach your goal weight.

When you reduce your calorie intake to lose weight, your body fights back by releasing hormones that trigger hunger. Your body also slows down your metabolism, which means you need to eat less to continue to lose weight.

Your genetics, medical history, and culture also influence your weight and affect your ability to drop those unwanted pounds.

Most commercial weight loss plans focus on diet and exercise, not all the other factors that influence your weight. At Aesthetic Lab, medical weight loss management takes all these factors into consideration, designing personalized plans that promote healthy sustainable weight loss.

What can I expect from weight loss management?

You can expect personalized care from weight loss management at Aesthetic Lab. Before making any recommendations, the wellness experts spend time getting to know you.

They ask detailed questions about your weight and the obstacles that keep you from losing weight or keeping it off. They also ask about your usual eating habits, exercise routine, work life, home life, and outside support systems.

Your provider reviews your medical and family history and completes a physical exam. They may also run lab tests to screen for medical conditions that might affect your weight and look for nutrient deficiencies.

Your provider then works one-on-one with you to design a medical weight loss management plan that matches your needs. Your plan may include:

A personalized diet plan
An exercise program that matches your fitness level
Nutritional supplements
Lifestyle counseling
Tips to improve stress management
Your provider schedules regular follow-up appointments to monitor your weight and adjust your plan as needed.

What tools are available with weight loss management?

Aesthetic Lab utilizes wellness tools to support your weight-loss program. These include:

Vitamin Injections
Aesthetic Lab may recommend vitamin injections to treat nutritional deficiencies or boost your metabolism.

Intravenous (IV) Infusions
IV infusions may provide nutrients that boost your energy and mood, improve your metabolism, or replenish nutrient deficiencies.

To get started with weight loss management, call Aesthetic Lab, or schedule an appointment online today.