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Ditch That Double Chin With Kybella

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If you have a double chin, you probably wish it would go away. While some double chins are the result of weight gain, others are hereditary or a natural part of aging. Weight loss can help you get rid of a double chin, unless it’s a result of genetics or natural aging. 

Historically, the only way to eliminate a double chin was through surgical procedures, such as a facelift or liposuction. Facelifts are costly and time-consuming procedures. Liposuction carries its own risks, and facial exercises are frequently ineffective. 

But our aesthetic and wellness providers at Aesthetic Lab in Turlock and Modesto, California, are now offering a new injectable called Kybella®, which can address a double chin.

What Kybella addresses

A double chin is the result of a type of fat located beneath the chin known as submental fat. A clinical term for a double chin is submental fullness, and we can now address it without surgery or cutting.

Kybella contains a synthetic version of a naturally occurring substance called deoxycholic acid. When injected into the double chin area, it eliminates the excess fat.

What makes Kybella unique is that it is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment for double chins. It’s safe and suitable for anyone regardless of age and skin tone.

How Kybella works

Kybella is quick, simple, and convenient, fitting into even the busiest schedules. There’s no special preparation required. 

To minimize the risk of infection, thoroughly cleanse your face before the procedure, and avoid over-the-counter pain relievers, because they may cause additional bruising.

The injections take 15-20 minutes, and we recommend multiple visits for optimal results. Once injected, Kybella destroys fat cells in your chin so you no longer store excess fat there. 

Some mild swelling and bruising is normal. Apply an ice pack to the treated area to control swelling and minimize discomfort. 

Depending on your needs, it may take 2-6 sessions to achieve the desired result. Because the Kybella procedure dissolves fat cells, there’s no reason for additional treatments once the fat cells have been eliminated.

What to expect from Kybella

Most of our patients experience some neck swelling for approximately two weeks following each procedure. We may recommend a series of Kybella injections spaced at least four weeks apart to give your body time to recover and to achieve optimal results.

With each session, you should notice a gradual reduction in the size of your double chin, though the most noticeable results occur at the conclusion of treatment. One of the best aspects of Kybella is that the results are typically long-lasting if your weight remains stable.

Say goodbye to your double chin and improve your facial contour with Kybella. To get started, schedule your initial consultation by calling or booking online today. Our customized treatments can help you achieve the results you want.

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