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PDO Threading Facelift: A Minimally Invasive Way to Rejuvenate Sagging Skin

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Is sagging skin bothering you? Would you like help turning back the clock? A polydioxanone (PDO) thread facelift is one of the newest and most advanced treatment methods that keep you looking young and fresh. 

If you’ve ever hoped for an innovative and affordable treatment method that reduces sagging neck and facial skin, you’re in luck. A minimally invasive thread lift, a PDO thread facelift, can help you look years younger without surgery. It’s a fast and cost-effective outpatient procedure that doesn’t leave any scarring.

The experts at Aesthetic Lab in Modesto, California, are committed to creating beautiful, healthy results. Let us help you banish some of the apparent signs of aging with a thread facelift.

What is a PDO thread facelift?

A PDO thread facelift is a nonsurgical facelift that gives you a more defined jawline and tightens the skin around your neck, among other benefits. This state-of-the-art treatment is a safe, effective, fast, and minimally invasive alternative to the traditional surgical facelift. Instead of large incisions, our aesthetic experts use special sutures to lift and tighten your skin to rejuvenate your look. 

Almost any part of your face that shows aging can be updated with PDO threads at Aesthetic Lab, including the jaw, cheeks, neck, and eyes. Plus, a PDO thread facelift restores your youthful glow without surgery or extensive downtime.

The threads our experts use at Aesthetic Lab Medical Spa are extremely thin and made from biodegradable material that completely dissolves with time. A PDO thread facelift is effective because it helps lift and firm up sagging skin in a couple of ways.

Instant lift

Your skin immediately lifts once we insert the threads into your sagging skin, making your face look tight and youthful as a result.

Ongoing firmness

In addition to lifting and firming your skin after the threads dissolve, the process of thread insertion also leads to collagen regeneration.

When you damage your body tissue, your body then produces extra collagen to repair the injury. When your provider inserts the threads, slight injuries are created, encouraging an extra collagen boost to your most needed areas. Your skin continues to get firmer and tighter for the following 3-6 months as your body continuously generates new collagen. The best part of the PDO thread lift is that your results can last up to three years after completing treatment.

Benefits of a PDO thread facelift

Besides making you look younger and being a long-term solution to sagging skin, PDO thread facelifts have some extraordinary advantages, including the following:


Traditional facelifts are expensive and require a significant investment of your time. The PDO facelift is ideal for those who want a facelift but don’t want aggressive surgery. 

Quick recovery time

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the primary benefit of a threading facelift is the speedy recovery time. You might experience some swelling, redness, or soreness for a day or so, but you’ll likely be able to return to work immediately following the procedure. 

An invasive facelift surgery, though, requires complete sedation, which requires a lengthy recovery period. Did you know that patients who choose a surgical facelift usually need round-the-clock care for a minimum of 72 hours after surgery? We don’t expect many people to have that kind of time, which is why we’re excited to offer this fast treatment method.

Zero scars

A PDO thread facelift is nonsurgical, so there are no scars to worry about. Plus, there’s almost zero risk of scarring, severe bruising, bleeding, or any other scary hurdles. Without unsightly scars to hide, no one will ever guess you’ve had work done.

Accessible and affordable

If you’ve always wanted a facelift but the cost was a limiting factor, a PDO thread facelift is the perfect way to give yourself the gift of youth. This treatment is far more affordable than surgical facelifts because we perform them in an outpatient setting. There’s no lengthy hospital stay, and you don’t need a costly anesthesiologist. 


Your face isn’t the only part of your body that benefits from a thread facelift. With this quick in-and-out procedure, you can reduce signs of aging in your buttocks, breasts, and even eyebrows. Further, you can consider combining the facelift with other treatments we offer, such as microneedling or laser hair removal to further enhance your beauty.

If you want to see if a PDO thread facelift is right for you, make an appointment online or over the phone with Aesthetic Lab Medical Spa today. We’re also accepting telehealth appointments. Books yours today.

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